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San Francisco based full-service staffing agency, SQA Solution places top talent into temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire roles. For more than 10 years in staffing, we’ve built our reputation on the strength of our matches, our individual approach to pre-screen and qualify candidates, so we do not waste your time to interview wrong candidates , we do it for you and choose the right match!

Staffing Agency

SQA solution provides with the world’s premier and strategic Specialty Staffing which helps clients hire the best talent in the market. The company provides answers based on the client specific dynamics. SQA provide assistance in hiring contracted consultants, permanent staff and requisite service providers. The major advantage of hiring SQA for finding the best industry experts is that they add value to customer’s product by qualifying and pre-screening the right candidates and assisting companies in hiring them.

Technical Skills

SQA’s group of specialized recruitment professionals set the industry standards with their technical and interpersonal evaluation skills. This includes a detailed screening procedure. Only after a probable applicant has passed all of the technical qualification filters, the company introduces the expert to the customer. This is to ensure that a customer always get the chance to hire the best qualified and most suitable professionals to their environment.

Dedicated Recruitment Network Of Engineers

When you choose SQA solution, you not only opt for the best specialist but gain a lot more in the deal. The prospect that company furnishes is not only screened but verified by human intelligence in addition. The company maintains a dedicated global network of specialist engineers to support the client base. The network is always on the lookout to find and vouch for the best candidates. The network is a great service asset for all SQA Solution clients.

Scalable Recruitment Process

When a client signs up with SQA solutions, it gains an added advantage in its business versatility. All companies need a constant influx of experts as the business grows. SQA support includes a scalable recruitment procedure to assist a client in hiring a new specialist in minimum possible time to launch a new product or service. In addition, SQA caters for hiring demand fluctuations to make the arrangement financially comfortable in the long run.

Client Benefits

A client and their extended customer base will benefit from the pool of candidates and services provided by the SQA staff. It is for the “smart solution provider approach”  that SQA solution claims to be the best staffing company in the Bay Area. The companies most well placed to benefit from SQA services include:

  • Application Software Companies
  • Infrastructure Software Companies
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Digital Media & Advertising Companies
  • Online Commerce Companies
  • Financial Services Software Companies
  • Life Sciences Software Companies
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies
  • Health Services Companies
  • Data Management &Analytics Companies
  • Clinical Services Companies
  • Offshore Staffing Support

The world has turned into a global village and staffing is a domain with global outreach. SQA understands the importance of tapping the pool of best overseas experts. SQA maintains a database of the best offshore  experts (outside the USA) and offer the clients to avail temporary and permanent freelance services at a lower average cost. This is in line with SQA value of providing an affordable service to the clients within their budget.

Retention Help

“In house retention” of professionals may be one of the biggest problems many companies face and it surely costs serious amount of indirect money in the form of rehiring and training from scratch. For the clients facing problems in “in house retention” of it professionals, SQA provides solution in the form of requisite training and mentorship to experienced and fresh recruits to handle the issue.

Pricing Model And Satisfaction Guarantee

SQA thrives in delivering the best priced solutions to its customers. However cutting cost does not mean cutting on quality. Providing the clients with the best staffing opportunities, the company supports with low cost and guaranteed outcomes. Customer satisfaction in regard to price and quality is the top priority with SQA solution team. This is how they do it:

Dedicated Account Team Structure

SQA solution has a dedicated team to look after the account of each customer. It also monitors the way business cash balance flows (ensuring no wrong billing or fees). This dynamic approach is aimed at superior customer satisfaction and provision of best value added service.

Solid Track Record And Financial Stability

Hundreds of satisfied customer feedback and global reputation is a testimony to the flawless credentials of the company (whether financial or quality oriented). The company has a solid track record of outstanding customer satisfaction. Strong financial position of the company serves as guarantee to its clients about the dependability and quality of service provided.

Location Based Resource Staffing

SQA Solution headquarters are based in the Bay Area. This gives them the access to the best qualified specialists with constant local connection. Additionally, it reduces the time and cost it takes for a local client to find the right head for the right job. The benefit is extended across the table with the global outreach for offshore clients.

Affiliate Discounts

SQA due to its vast network and experience in the staffing field maintain intimate connections and affiliations with major players in the sector. This is aimed at providing value added services (apart from quality staffing) in the form of discounts on software and other services purchases from SQA affiliate network. This is an exact opposite of hidden costs practiced by so many of the SQA competitors. This facility is unique to SQA with its well connected network all around the world.

Individual Customer Based Approach

SQA follows the policy of individual customer care approach. The company doesn’t provide a customer with a generic helpline (like the other companies in business). SQA provides a client with an individual environment based approach to cater for individual customer demands and comfort. The environment includes the pre-existing skill to support the client business operations and workplace culture. Our individual customer based approach is a great source of reducing client HR related problems.

Outstanding Accounts Management

SQA perfectly understand that reducing management costs is not simply associated with reducing operating costs or overheads. It is also based on smart accounts management. SQA solution provides account management for each of its clients. The size of a client company has no relation with the type of these services provided. They are the inherent SQA initiative that is same for every client irrespective of the company size.

Direct Offshore Access

SQA global outreach assure customer oriented solutions from across the globe. SQA offshore staffing expertise is based on offshore group model. SQA ingress into mass media for data gathering and analysis effectively employs crowdsource model. A potent cross reference of these models represents a massive database for client benefit in hiring offshore talent.

Best Business Support Infrastructure

Business looking for the top staffing experts and services need not look anywhere else. SQA offers complete range solutions with its state of the art business support infrastructure. SQA database of experts is not localized to American continent; it stretches globally to anywhere a client’s demand takes. Some of the outstanding features of key services that SQA solution provides include:

  • Short listing and selection of the most suitable specialist as per your individual business requirement
  • Global outreach to recruit from talent pool of specialists
  • Project based client management
  • An extensive global network of professionals for universal solutions
  • Instant access to an extensive professional database

SQA-One Stop Solution To All The Staffing And Hiring Needs

SQA is a smart solution provider for all the businesses facing the dilemma of finding the most suitable professional for a particular job. SQA recommended professionals are carefully screened for a guaranteed performance. SQA database of experience managers, executives and staff is custom tailored to meet challenging demands from any client across the globe. SQA is geared to provide the dream team of professionals no matter how diverse is the client demand or business requirement.

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