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SQA Solution is a Bay Area based Full Service Software Testing company providing outsourcing, consulting and staffing to Fortune 500 companies, medium enterprises, small bootstrapped or funded startups as well as government organizations.

For the last 15 years SQA Solution offers Software Test Automation service to help companies automate their testing process, increase the test coverage, be more efficient in software testing and develop continuous integration with 24 hrs testing coverage for smoke tests, basic acceptance or regression tests.

Why and What to Automate

While everyone understand the benefits of test automation, many times teams are unsure which test cases are the candidates for automation and why do they need to be automated. In SQA Solution we develop a process to help companies select specific tests to be automated. Usually this comes down to being able to automate smoke test, basic acceptance test or regression test. The main selection criteria is to automate the modules of the application that have already been finalized and not dynamically changing with every release. Though a release may not have a direct impact on the certain modules, it may break underline shared components and impact the functionality of a module. Therefore regression testing is used for new releases and automated testing will allow to find issues during these releases.

Tools we use for QA Automation

Throughout the years SQA Solution team have been exposed to different automated testing tools in the market, and while we certainly have our preferences, we are able to accommodate customer with any of most common technical architectures. (i.e. Java, Ruby, .Net, Python, PHP)

We use tools and automation test frameworks such as: Selenium Web Driver, Cucumber, JBehave, jUnit, testNG, nUnit, Microsoft Visual Test, HP WinRunner, LoadRunner and Quality Center, Test Complete, SOAP UI, Test Link and many others

Building Test Framework

A lot of companies lately have been very interested in more of architectural services where our consultants come in and evaluate the product and propose a conceptual automated test framework to be build to ensure test coverage and continuous integration. These testing frameworks are usually extendable and allow any further development to be build on top of the original foundation. Furthermore they are built with re-usability and scalability as the two most important aspects in developing test automation frameworks.

Continuous Integration

To quickly touch this important aspects, our team will work with software developers and release engineers to ensure that there is a smooth integration with software configuration management and build tools and every release can have an adequate coverage as well as measurements of quality.

Customer Reporting

We develop our reporting based on the each customer’s individual need. The tester will either send you daily recap with what was tested and what was found, or it could be once a week in the more detailed report. Our team is very diligent to bring up any risks related to your desktop app release. We conduct internal UAT when needed and engage other developers and testers who were not involved in original functional test

Pricing Model for Desktop Application Testing Services

Our model is time and material. For some projects we may allow fixed cost but this also will be derived from time and material. The price per hour will depend on complexity of application and different test types that customer chooses to perform on their mobile app.

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From mobile to web and beyond, SQA Solution has you covered.






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We deliver qualified engineering and IT candidates to small or large companies in technology sector

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  • Your app needs to work where your users live, work and play and that’s exactly where our testers are.
  • SQA Solution puts your app through rigorous testing using professional testers on real devices across locations and use cases that match your actual users.
  • Your custom testing team and QA Project Manager are the winning combination to reduce overhead and maximize app quality.



Fill out a short form with project details, e.g., brief description of requirements, testing needs and/or specific instructions


Our QA Project Manager will get in touch with you over the phone or by email to clarify the details: the number of FTEs or QA specialists, deadlines, test plan etc


We prepare a Teaming Agreement. Access to an extensive resources pool allows to quickly build a testing team of any size for any client


Your software is put through rigorous testing and quality checking on real devices. All test scenarios are tailored to suit any requirements and will match your end users behavior We provide you with a detailed bug report. Following internal SQA methodologies, only the worlds best industry practices, testing techniques, and testing tools are used, ensuring accurate testing results


Pricing starts as low as $25 per testing hour

Pricing starts as low as $25 per testing hour

Getting started with SQA Solution is more affordable than you may think. Fill out a short form and our analyst will contact you.


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  • Save time by mitigating all negative effects before they reach your customers.
  • Get product faster-to-market by opting for strategic QA planning, expert QA consulting and top-notch testing services.
  • Save resources and reduce overhead with a dedicated SQA team and QA Project Manager.
  • Be competitive by releasing products on time, with assured quality, reliability, performance, and security.
  • Work directly with a personal QA project manager, who will lead your project through all stages.
  • Proactive and quick services – get the first results within just 24 hours after signing the contract.