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SQA Solution is proud to offer state of the art Mobile Testing Services. In the last 5 years mobile app testing became the most demanded service by a lot of our customers. Research shows that for a lot of companies in many industries to stay competitive they need to offer their customers solutions available on mobile devices. While Android is dominating the market of mobile operating systems, it’s as important to develop on both Android and IOS to ensure that company can cater to all audience. Moreover, Windows mobile Operating System has been gaining a momentum and definitely competes in this marketplace.

Engagement strategy in mobile testing projects

SQA Solution employs a team of mobile testers responsible for testing your mobile app on different devices, with different operating systems. Testing team works very close with your application developers to ensure that mobile application is tested across platforms, networks and cellular providers. The team of testers are located in Bay Area hence can test on most of cellular providers.

Ensuring compatibility of mobile apps across mobile devices and operating systems

SQA Solution build a small but efficient lab of devices that consist of ones that are used the most in USA and Europe. These devices have the latest OS installed on them as well as one before. If your compatibility matrix requires testing beyond the devices that we have available we utilize SAAS services such as Device Anywhere to ensure the compatibility

What scenarios are you testing to ensure that my mobile app will not fail?

Our team of testers first engage in functional testing of your application. We can either develop test cases or execute existing ones, to ensure the functionality meets the requirement. All the bugs found during the functional testing will be logged to bug tracking database and assigned to developer. Once functional test is complete the team starts executing mobile specific scenarios, such as: a) Ensuring your app functions both in 3G, LTE and Wifi b) Ensuring that once a user switches from wifi to LTE it’s seamless to the application c) Ensuring that if a customer using your app and a phone call comes in the app will not fail d) Ensuring that update to the app or loss of network will not result in any data loss e) Ensuring that application is looking adequately on the devices with different screen sizes. It’s most critical to Android apps, because you see that Android OS nowadays is installed on hundreds of different mobile devices and it’s critical for the customer to understand their user base to ensure that their app is tested on the right devices that their customer are using.

Our team will work very close with app developers to make sure all the bugs are addressed on time and no other risks are found.

Store submission Qualification

Yes, most definitely we know what are the most important things that developers have to avoid to ensure that the app will comply with the app store submission terms and conditions. Our team will verify that and submit issues if anything is found.

Customer Reporting

We develop our reporting based on the each customer’s individual need. The tester will either send you daily recap with what was tested and what was found, or it could be once a week in the more detailed report. Our team is very diligent to bring up any risks related to the app release to the store and your customer.

Pricing Model for Mobile Application Testing Services

Our model is time and material. For some projects we may allow fixed cost but this also will be derived from time and material. The price per hour will depend on complexity of application and different test types that customer chooses to perform on their mobile app.

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  • Your app needs to work where your users live, work and play and that’s exactly where our testers are.
  • SQA Solution puts your app through rigorous testing using professional testers on real devices across locations and use cases that match your actual users.
  • Your custom testing team and QA Project Manager are the winning combination to reduce overhead and maximize app quality.



Fill out a short form with project details, e.g., brief description of requirements, testing needs and/or specific instructions


Our QA Project Manager will get in touch with you over the phone or by email to clarify the details: the number of FTEs or QA specialists, deadlines, test plan etc


We prepare a Teaming Agreement. Access to an extensive resources pool allows to quickly build a testing team of any size for any client


Your software is put through rigorous testing and quality checking on real devices. All test scenarios are tailored to suit any requirements and will match your end users behavior
We provide you with a detailed bug report. Following internal SQA methodologies, only the worlds best industry practices, testing techniques, and testing tools are used, ensuring accurate testing results


Pricing starts as low as $25 per testing hour

Pricing starts as low as $25 per testing hour

Getting started with SQA Solution is more affordable than you may think.
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SQA Solution has been helping Vertical Response in finding the right talent in the last couple of years. As a hiring manager I admire the folks at SQA Solution for their abilities to effectively pre-screen candidates so myself and other hiring managers are not wasting time interviewing candidates that do not have essential skills for the job. Both recruiters and account managers are always available for discussions, transparent and honest. They set an example of what Staffing company should be like...
Alex Teymur (Sr. QA Manager)

PROS What I like about SQA Solution that is their support. They will never discourage you in any way. I was able to come back to repeat the course after 2 years because I was busy with a baby. Last time the teacher was Prashant and Lesya. I can't say anything bad about them. Practically there is the same fast pace with JF now. I would say even much faster and much more info now. I even fell easily behind this time. But JF is very knowledgeable and responsive, he understands that every person is different. Now they are finally record their sessions which is a HUGE plus. The only complain I would say that he needs to make more breaks (like 5 minutes) and separate home tasks from class exercises. Also they renewed their website where described their curriculum in more details. Check it out sqasolution.comCONS Please do not expect miracles.
Olga (Previous Student)

SQA Solution On Demand Testing model allowed our start up to save a dramatic cost on having to hire additional resources that we may not have needed after our major release was over. The awesomeness is that you can use these guys for 6 or 60 hours a week, they are always there for you. Professional management and smart engineers!!
Armen Gasanyan (CTO Delivery Guys)

I started out with SQA Solution in August to learn Selenium WebDriver using Java. In a short period of time, instructor was able to teach me Java, Selenium WebDriver, Junit and provided many tips on how to build a test automation framework with all the bells and whistles, including wait logic and more. He also prepared me for the interview for an Automated QA Engineer position. The classes are very organized and tailored to your needs. So if you don't know anything, or maybe know something and are looking to improve your skills in test automation, then he will setup the class structure according to your needs. The great thing about the class is has small groups just a one-on-one session and you get to ask all the questions and you have his full attention, which is great!!! They explains everything in detail and you get to work on a project with them. I strongly recommend their courses for anyone looking to learn automation testing from scratch or improve their skills. It is also very affordable compared to other test automation courses in the area.Excellent teaching skills. covered all parts of the course in a concise manner. very nicely presented PPT slides for quick refresher guide In class demos are the highlights of the classes. People should enroll to get trained on all the latest testing techniques
Scott (Previous Student)

It was the best 6 weeks I have spent in my spare time! Even though I have a computer science background, it was hard for me to start looking things online and brushing my skills on my own. We have started learning with baby steps from downloading/configuring Eclipse and writing a "Hello World!" Project in Java language. Instructors are super patient, intelligent professionals and well versatile in their domain. In 6 weeks, we have not only covered Java OOP language, but also JUnit, TestNg, Maven, gitHub, UNIX, CSS, Xpath, Selenium IDE, RC, Web Driver tools. Classes are only limited to 8 people and there is an option to join the course in person or online. Weekly 20 hours in 6 weeks period, you get to know great people and learn more by helping each other. I have gained great knowledge and would recommend everybody who is planning improve automation test engineer skills.


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