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Insurance Software Testing


Insurance Policy Mac Software Testing

The insurance industry is complex for many reasons including its size, different services available and the rate at which it is growing. Due to the changing nature of the business, insurers constantly need to improve the quality of their operations and streamline their services – which involves the need for new technologies. Companies face challenges when it comes to insurance software testing because testing services require domain-specific knowledge. Testers need systems thinking, technical skills and testing skills relevant to the business in addition to technical experience to be able to adapt to the constant changes.

Software Testing Challenges in the Insurance Industry

There are many challenges that testers face when it comes to software testing in insurance domain. There are many branches of companies, including life, property, casualty, home and reinsurance, and each of these require the tester to be familiar with the domain. Skilled testers will have acquired domain assurance knowledge for the specific branch of insurance testing that they are working on.

SQA Solution specializes in high quality Insurance Testing services. We are subject matter experts and have over 20 years of experience with 1500 Q professionals worldwide. The industry is undergoing many changes and thus many insurance software testing challenges continue to arise. Data breaches are a big problem and we help ensure that a comprehensive test determines quality and performance.

There are a number of different types of people involved in insurance application development:

  • Consultants
  • Software Professionals
  • Account Managers
  • Software Engineer Testing Teams

Tests in this area require their own specific skill set. Insurance is all about numbers and money and a small change in cost or currency can cause huge waves of changes in the end. Constant data checks and consulting are necessary in order to monitor calculations and verify data, especially when software is managing multiple currencies.

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