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IT hiring and how is it Different in Silicon Valley


This world is witnessing new advancements every now and then. The competition among everything has taken a new shape now. Only the best in the market can survive in today’s world. The bar of being “the best” is getting higher and higher in level. This era demands smart working. Those who use their resources smartly are bound to experience success in every possible way.
IT department of any firm is as important as the electricity of a factory. If the electricity is being supplied continuously then there will be no hindrance in factory’s production. Likewise, if the IT department of a firm is working regularly to ensure everything related to information technology is working fine then there will be no hindrance in the firm’s progress. IT helps you edge out your competitors. Thus, it is very important to hire such people for IT jobs who can manage the technological resources in the best possible manner and bring innovation to the firm.
IT hiring can be a difficult task since recruiting the best talent is somehow difficult. A bluff by an interviewee can lead to signing of a bad hire. It is very important to assess the skills and personality of the interviewee in the recruitment process to make sure he can lead the company’s IT department.
Things are much different in the Silicon Valley though. The competition among jobs is ten times more than the competition in the usual market. There is no shortage of talent in Silicon Valley but due to the fierce competition, all things end up in one thing; only the best would stand out. Let’s take a look on how IT hiring is different in Silicon Valley.

  • Since Silicon Valley revolves around the tech giants hence there is no shortage of IT talent. In fact, it is quite difficult for the recruiters to select the best person for the job. Every talented person in the Silicon Valley receives job offers twice or even thrice per week. This indicates the difficulty level for the IT temp agencies in the SV. They have to work a lot of things to make sure they hire the right person for the right job.
  • Silicon Valley has everything from a small startup to a big tech giant. It makes the market quite diverse for both the employers and the employees.
    Every company is willing to pay a good sum of money to a good talent. Due to this situation a lot of job switching is observed in the Silicon Valley. Recruitment is always a challenge even for the IT headhunters. They never get to sit and relax in Silicon Valley.
  • Since Silicon Valley is highly technology oriented, it demands greater cyber security. The IT experts of every company are required to tackle every situation because the whole credibility of business vanishes if some cyber breach occurs. Hence, it is very important to hire the best IT talent that can make the system foolproof.

Silicon Valley is way more advanced and this advancement leads to some peculiar problems related to IT or engineering staffing for the IT managers. They need to be well equipped and properly educated about the new technologies to stand out from the crowd. Only then, they can hire some good IT talent.

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