Financial Software Testing

Financial Software Testing


Fintech software testing

Financial software testing is essential for any banking institution. Without bank testing, there is no way to guarantee the reliability and safety of a software application. Innovation happens at a rapid rate in the industry and staying on top of these test services, such as finacle testing, is even more crucial in finance than in other industries.

Finance solutions are complex and have huge frameworks that include challenges such as payment gateways, cards, service offerings, product transactions and more. In order for a financial app to be effective and succeed, it requires consistent testing and support.

A thorough test of a software product can provide the following benefits to customers:

  • Basic financial data management
  • Info on transactions and management
  • Budgeting
  • Financial assets management

Quality Assurance for Financial Services

SQA Solution guarantees quality assurance in financial services. With a lot of competition, financial regulations and security and compliance issues, it is crucial to maintain quality during use and deliver scalable products and solutions to the market in a timely manner. Our dedicated team works with financial institutions, FinTech, Accounting Firms, Stock Exchanges, Government Organizations, Payment Engine Software, Investment Banking Software, Forecasting Software and more.

The testing process with SQA Solution involves the following steps:

  • Gathering Requirements
  • Reviewing Requirements
  • Test Scenario Prep
  • Functional Tests
  • Database Tests
  • Performance Tests
  • Regression Tests
  • Accessibility Tests
  • Security Tests
  • User Acceptance Testing

Advantage SQA Solution Finance Testing

Testing financial applications with SQA Solution ensures that a customer has:

  • Fully functional application
  • Fully secure app
  • Data integrity
  • Seamless integration and user experience
  • HIgh performance
  • Regulatory compliance
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Financial Software Testing

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