Become a QA automation
Engineer in 6 weeks

Take an intensive 120 hours course  Learn Java and Test Automation and start making over $100k per year

Who is this training for?

For those QA Engineers who finally realize that there are ways to make their work more efficient and open their new potentials

For those who want to grow in the career and make themselves much more appealing in the job market

For those who are looking for a job, and they need mentoring from QA Staffing company with 15 years of industry experience

Tired of repetitive manual tasks?

  • You are not making as much as you want to ?

  • You are doing a lot of routie and primitve boring work?

  • You are seeing the offers from top companies that require skills you do not have?

  • You understand that you lagging the skills that market demands and you may soon be not marketable on this job market?

Enough to rub your fingers, start Automating and Earn More!

These are the opportunities you will open for yourself after you take our Test Automation Training

  • Ability to earn $100k + annually

  • You will be offered a lot of jobs by recruitment agencies

  • You will have a stellar resume that will appeal to every employer

  • You will solve issues much faster and more efficient

  • You can discuss your promotion at work

  • You will get to the next level of intellectual work


You can join the free training session and see for youself how much you really need it

Intensive course in QA Automation that will take your QA Skills to the next level

Practice on real projects

Most of the time you will be working on the development of your own test framework, which you will be able to use both at work as well as during the interviews.

Learn most frequently used technology stack

You will be working with the stack that are most frequently used in software companies in SIllicon Valley: Java, Linux, Selenium Git, Jenkins, Maven, TDD

Real help during your job search

  •  Effective project portfolio
  • Strong CV
  • Mock Interviews
  • Application Process

Small Groups

All classes are broken into small groups of 8-10 students, which allows the instructor to pay individual attention to each student


During the whole course, you have an access to mentors in our company who have years of practical experience in Fortune 500 companies

Remote Study

Are you not able to physically be in the class ? Not a problem, we got you ! You can take a whole course in real time using Skype


PROS What I like about SQA Solution that is their support. They will never discourage you in any way. I was able to come back to repeat the course after 2 years because I was busy with a baby. Last time the teacher was Prashant and Lesya. I can't say anything bad about them. Practically there is the same fast pace with JF now. I would say even much faster and much more info now. I even fell easily behind this time. But JF is very knowledgeable and responsive, he understands that every person is different. Now they are finally record their sessions which is a HUGE plus. The only complain I would say that he needs to make more breaks (like 5 minutes) and separate home tasks from class exercises. Also they renewed their website where described their curriculum in more details. Check it out CONS Please do not expect miracles.
Olga (Previous Student)

It was the best 6 weeks I have spent in my spare time! Even though I have a computer science background, it was hard for me to start looking things online and brushing my skills on my own. We have started learning with baby steps from downloading/configuring Eclipse and writing a "Hello World!" Project in Java language. Instructors are super patient, intelligent professionals and well versatile in their domain. In 6 weeks, we have not only covered Java OOP language, but also JUnit, TestNg, Maven, gitHub, UNIX, CSS, Xpath, Selenium IDE, RC, Web Driver tools. Classes are only limited to 8 people and there is an option to join the course in person or online. Weekly 20 hours in 6 weeks period, you get to know great people and learn more by helping each other. I have gained great knowledge and would recommend everybody who is planning improve automation test engineer skills.

This class is ideal for people who do not want to spend 2-3 years taking classes at college or university. Class schedule is very convenient for those who work regular day hours. What's great about this program is that it's very straight-forward, you won't be spending time learning something you'll never use at work. During the 6 week course you'll get the basics of the specific set of tools and programs needed to become a QA automation engineer, but be ready to spend a significant amount of time working on homework. The staff at SQA Solutions is very friendly and always helpful. My teacher was Jean Francois Nepton, who is very knowledgeable and has a great personality. He will answer all your questions without being judgmental. At the end of the class you'll be prepared to go through job interviews, which is amazing considering no other school does that! I know a lot of people who got job offers right away after completing this course.
Kathryne (Previous Student)

Companies where our graduates work

Teachers with over 15 years practical experience in IT


Jean is an expert in planning, designing, building, and maintaining complex Test Automation Frameworks (Data-Driven, Keyword, and Hybrid). His expertise covers Selenium, WebDriver, and Java Automation. He is also proficient in Java programming, has a deep knowledge of JUnit and TestNG Unit Testing Frameworks, and real-world experience with many other testing tools and technologies. Jeff has been with SQA Solution since 2014 and since then helped SQA Solution release more than 110 students in Java and Test Automation Bootcamp


Lesya is a Software Professional with 14 years of core expertise in Automation, Manual, Database, and Web-Service Testing. Lesya has experience Planning, Designing, Building, and maintaining complex Test Automation Frameworks (Data-Driven, Keyword, and Hybrid). She is an Expert in Selenium, WebDriver, and SilkTest Automation. She is also proficient with Java, has a deep knowledge of JUnit and TestNG unit testing Frameworks, and has real-world experience with many other testing tools and technologies.

Test Architect and QA Manager at SQA Solution

Fuad is a veteran in Software Testing industry. He has been in the industry in the last 25 years, managing and mentoring teams of different sizes in different aspects of Quality Assurance in different industries.He is one of our senior mentors and spends time with students to ensure that they are ready for their next job, know their strength and weaknesses and able to successfully pass the interview. You will meet Fuad everyday in our office and he is very eager to speak with everyone regarding QA or the class.

What to expect after taking the course

QA Automation Skills

You will learn skill in QA Automation that you can start using right away at your workplace

Free Coaching Instructor

You now always have a coach who you can refer to if you have questions at work or interview

QA Partners Network

You will have an access to SQA Solution network: over 60,000 QA Engineers across USA and abroad

Portfolio with Real Projects

You will have a real git hub portfolio with projects that you have developed and coded yourself


You will receive a certificate from our school that many employers in the Bay Area already know

Help finding a job

We will assist you with your job search by providing tools, technigues and wisdom earned by years of experience

Your CV will looks like this!

Jhon Doe

Automation QA Engineer

Key Skills Set

  • Being able to automate manual tests
  • Java knowledge and hands on experience
  • Experience working with Selenium web Driver
  • Knowledge of jUnit
  • Experience writing API level tests
  • Experience with Git, Maven, Jenkins and other Release and Code Management tools
  • Experience working in Linux enviornment


Week 1
(17 hours of lectures)
  • Setting of Environment:
  • Installing JDK, Eclipse, Git, Evernote, Skype, TeamViewer, Sublime, Dropbox
  • Course Overview:
  • Expectations/ Schedule/ Policies/ Course Material
  • Compiling Java Code:
  • Hello World Exercise
  • Introduction to Git and github
  • Git Cheat Sheet Review
  • HelloYou Exercise:
  • Coding a Basic Java Application
  • Git and Github:
  • Creating a Repo
  • .gitignore purpose
  • Initializing a Local/ Remote Repo
  • Connecting git Repo with github
  • Pushing and Pulling
  • Cloning a Repo
  • Importing a Repo
  • Git Exercise:
  • Creating the basic-project
  • basic-project as our course framework
  • Intro to Eclipse:
  • Workspaces and Working Sets
  • Importing/ Exporting Preferences
  • Basic Preferences
  • Eclipse Perspectives
Practical Test (3 Hrs)
Week 2
(17 hours of lectures)
  • Java Keywords
  • Data Types
  • Identifiers
  • Statements and Blocks
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Strings
  • Conditional Statements
  • Scanner
  • Number Parsing
  • Loops:
  • for Loop
  • while Loop
  • do while Loop
  • for each Loop
  • Loop Excersice:
  • Java Applications with Loops
  • Maven:
  • Maven in 5 Minutes
  • The pom.xml File
  • Maven Dependencies
  • Functions:
  • Working with Functions
  • Function Naming Exercise:
  • Proper Function Names
  • Function Use Exercise:
  • Separation of Functions"
  • Arrays:
  • Using Arrays
  • Array Use Exercise:
  • Creating Arrays
  • Iterating Values
  • Iterating Through Arrays"
Practical Test (3 Hours)
Week 3
(17 hours of lectures)
  • Code Management:
  • Git branches/ Structure Exercise:
  • basic-project enhanced with more features
  • RequestInput Helper Methods Integration"
  • Git branches
  • Use of Branches in basic-project
  • Classes, Objects, Variables:
  • Java Classes/ Interfaces
  • Instances/ Objects
  • Instance Variables
  • Constructors
  • Getters/ Setters
  • Overriding the toString Method
  • Classes and Interfaces Exercises:
  • Employee Entry Application
  • Java and OOP Principles:
  • Inheritence
  • Encapulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Accessing Parent
  • Access Modifiers:
  • public, private, protected, package
  • Overriding/ Extending Methods
  • Overloading
  • Packages
  • TestNG Integration
Practical Test (3 Hours)
Week 4
(17 hours of lectures)
  • Introduction to TestNG:
  • TestNG Life Cycle
  • TestNG Annotations
  • Outputting TestNG Reports
  • Assertions
  • Assertions Exercise:
  • Proper Use of Assertions
  • Java Collections:
  • ArrayList
  • LinkedList
  • HashSet
  • TreeSet
  • HashMap
  • TreeMap
  • Collections Exercise:
  • Integration of Proper Collection for Apps"
  • Final:
  • Final VS Finally
  • Garbage Collection
  • Data Driven Testing
  • 2 Dimensional Arrays
  • TestNG and Data Driven testing Structure
  • Intro to Selenium Tools:
  • Selenium IDE
  • Recording a Selenium IDE test
  • Exporting a Selenium IDE Test
  • Selenium Limitations
  • Selenium WebDriver Integration
  • WebDriver Basic Setup
  • Selenium IDE Exercise:
  • Test
Practical Test (3 Hours)
Week 5
(17 hours of lectures)
  • Locator Strategies:
  • Custom Xpath and CSS Selectors
  • UI Element Methods
  • Search Element Methods
  • Select Element Methods
  • Rendered Element Methods
  • Web Driver Methods:
  • Helper Methods
  • Reading Text File
  • Reading CVS Files
  • Exercise:
  • External Data
  • Apache POI Overview
  • Database Connections
  • SQL Basic Commands
  • MAMP
  • Eclipse DPT:
  • Property Files
  • Java Properties Class
  • Page Objects
  • Waits
  • Expected Conditions
  • Flents Waits
  • Log4J
Practical Test (3 Hours)
Week 6
(17 hours of lectures)
  • Exercise:
  • Final Project [Adactin]
  • Page Objects
  • Maven Life Cycle
  • Maven Plugins
  • Page Objects Exercise:
  • Adacting
  • Integrating Page Objects
  • Misc Java:
  • Unary Operator
  • Enumerators
  • Screenshots
  • Cookies
  • Snippets
  • Exceptions
  • Exceptions Exercise:
  • Creating Exceptions
  • Throwing Exceptions
  • Final Project Exercise:
  • Review Submitted Test Cases
  • Interview Questions
  • Going Further
Practical Test (3 Hours)

Audio Recordings of All Classes

After you take the course you will have a lifetime access to audio and video library of all classes that you took.

In addition to all

Tasty food,
snacks and drinks

Access to online
library with materials

Convenient parking
and Bart Access

We give 100% money-back guarantee

SQA Solution is proudly offering 100% money back guarantee. If after the second course you are not happy we will reimburse you first payment that you have made for the course


What are the payment methods?

We can take Cash, Credit Card or even a check. Whichever works best for you. You can also pay online on our web page

Is an internship available after the training?

We do have ways to help you get an internship after graduation. In a lot of cases this is an unpaid internship, however, we have seen cases where student have gotten paid internship upon graduation.

Do I need to purchase any books or additional materials?

No you will not. All you need for this training is a notebook where you can run Java and Eclipse. All the handouts will be printed and given to you by the instructor. There is no specific book that we follow.

Are there any prerequisites for this training?

Yes, there definitely is a prerequisite for the training. While we start from the very beginning of Java and Selenium, this training is mainly designed for professionals and not someone completely new to IT. You need to have some background in QA or any IT discipline along with knowledge of Manual Testing.

What do I do if I cannot physically attend one or more sessions ?

No worries. First of all, every session is available on Skype, so if you cannot be present physically, you can always log in on Skype. If you cannot attend either sessions, then you will get a full audio for all classes from the instructor and will be able to go through them and ask questions from the instructor if anything is unclear.

Is the initial deposit refundable ?

Your initial deposit is refundable until the end of 2nd session, should you decide to drop from the training. The only nonrefundable part is $75 application fee.

How much does the training cost? Can I make payments?

The total cost for 120 hrs 6 weeks session is $3075. To payment is made in 3 installments. To secure a spot in the training you need to make a $1075 payment followed by two payments of $1000 each in the middle and towards the end of the training.

How many students in each training?

6 weeks Java Selenium Automation Bootcamp is taught very individually. Therefore there is limited seating availability for each training. We do not enroll more than 10 students for each session. As soon as 10 people are enrolled the training enrollment closes. This way we can make sure that everyone is getting individual attention.

Can I try a Free Class ?

Before every training SQA Solution hosts a free class session for a couple of hours to discuss the upcoming training with those interested. We will discuss all the topics related to training and jobs placements. You will get a chance to meet an instructor and the staff and familiarize with the location and other necessary details for the training. This class is not meant to teach the actual subject perhaps just introduction and overview. Attending the free class does not guarantee a spot in the actual class, because of limited seating for each training.

Do you provide a job placement upon completion?

This question is very popular 🙂 Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any job placements. What we do is ASSIST with job placements. If you read about SQA Solution you will see that we have been very involved in SQA world since late 1990s and have a lot of customers, however, that does not mean that our clients will have positions open that match your skill set. Hence what we do is following:

1) Create a profile for all students who graduated and send to QA Managers for our clients If anyone is interested in anybody they usually get back to us
2) Assist you to create a stellar resume that will appeal to any recruiter or hiring manager
3) Conduct Mock interviews with you for Test Automation position to help you overcome nervousness and understand what kind of questions you will be asked
4) You gain a lifetime access to a network of QA Engineers and can ask questions and advises anytime

Still have questions?

mailSend your questions using this form and we will respond to you via email.

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