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Our Configuration Management Services supply a platform of management processes and controls. These processes and controls can assist you to provide IT systems that are well engineered and fully functioning so that the performance and effectiveness meet your needs and your customer’s expectations.

Our Configuration Management Services supply a platform of management processes and controls. These processes and controls can assist you to provide IT systems that are well engineered and fully functioning so that the performance and effectiveness meet your needs and your customer’s expectations.

Changes in version, requirements, design and operational information can have a great impact on the design and engineering output of your product. SQA Solution uses the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) method to set up baselines and keep track of changes in your systems and services, making certain that the functionality of your product is always reliable and up-to-date.

Our Configuration Management Services include:

  • Identification of the latest emerging technological innovations, versions, and requirements.
  • Change control.
  • Physical and functional configuration verification and auditing.
  • Developing and implementing procedures to monitor and manage various configurations
  • Management of all hardware and software components within your systems and networks.
  • Recording and updating changes in computer systems and networks.
  • Engineering support and maintenance of project requirements.
  • Application and monitoring of the program.

Configuration Management Process Design, Tool Selection, and Implementation

SQA Solution can design, document, and implement configuration and release management processes suitable for small, medium or large programs. We have experience with all industry-standard configuration management tools, including:

  • PVCS
  • CM Synergy
  • ClearCase
  • Endevor
  • Subversion
  • Jira
  • BladeLogic
  • Remedy

In addition, we have expertise in migrating projects from ClearCase, ClearQuest, and/or Ant to Subversion, Jira, and/or Maven. SQA Solution has many years of experience implementing configuration and service management processes within projects, programs, and departments.

We Can Help Fix Distressed Software Programs

Are some of your software programs in a distressed state? SQA Solution can help. We are knowledgeable in configuration management and release management for software programs that require immediate restorative measures in order to guarantee successful delivery.

Benefits of Configuration Management

The benefits of implementing Configuration Management processes include:

  • Establishing a reliable repository of accurate information regarding IT components.
  • Comprehending relationships between CIs and specific components that impact specific services.

Whether you’re putting into action a new configuration management program or managing an established one, SQA Solution can assist your company in decreasing costs, increasing performance and compliance, and ensuring security. SQA Solution Configuration Management Services deliver on-demand resources with the experience and skills to meet your process, system, and data service needs.

On-demand Configuration Management Decreases Costs for Your Company

Our Configuration Management Service experts enable your company engineering staff to focus on new projects that require internal knowledge and expertise. We can help you deliver your projects on demand, giving you increased flexibility and reducing costs. By using SQA Solution, you:

  • Pay for our services on demand only, reducing full-time employee payroll.
  • Reduce project management and overhead costs.
  • Access experienced specialists when you need them.
  • Have On-site and/or off-site support.
  • Reduce recruiting and training costs.


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  • Your app needs to work where your users live, work and play and that’s exactly where our testers are.
  • SQA Solution puts your app through rigorous testing using professional testers on real devices across locations and use cases that match your actual users.
  • Your custom testing team and QA Project Manager are the winning combination to reduce overhead and maximize app quality.



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Your software is put through rigorous testing and quality checking on real devices. All test scenarios are tailored to suit any requirements and will match your end users behavior
We provide you with a detailed bug report. Following internal SQA methodologies, only the worlds best industry practices, testing techniques, and testing tools are used, ensuring accurate testing results


Pricing starts as low as $25 per testing hour

Pricing starts as low as $25 per testing hour

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SQA Solution has been helping Vertical Response in finding the right talent in the last couple of years. As a hiring manager I admire the folks at SQA Solution for their abilities to effectively pre-screen candidates so myself and other hiring managers are not wasting time interviewing candidates that do not have essential skills for the job. Both recruiters and account managers are always available for discussions, transparent and honest. They set an example of what Staffing company should be like...
Alex Teymur (Sr. QA Manager)

PROS What I like about SQA Solution that is their support. They will never discourage you in any way. I was able to come back to repeat the course after 2 years because I was busy with a baby. Last time the teacher was Prashant and Lesya. I can't say anything bad about them. Practically there is the same fast pace with JF now. I would say even much faster and much more info now. I even fell easily behind this time. But JF is very knowledgeable and responsive, he understands that every person is different. Now they are finally record their sessions which is a HUGE plus. The only complain I would say that he needs to make more breaks (like 5 minutes) and separate home tasks from class exercises. Also they renewed their website where described their curriculum in more details. Check it out CONS Please do not expect miracles.
Olga (Previous Student)

SQA Solution On Demand Testing model allowed our start up to save a dramatic cost on having to hire additional resources that we may not have needed after our major release was over. The awesomeness is that you can use these guys for 6 or 60 hours a week, they are always there for you. Professional management and smart engineers!!
Armen Gasanyan (CTO Delivery Guys)

I started out with SQA Solution in August to learn Selenium WebDriver using Java. In a short period of time, instructor was able to teach me Java, Selenium WebDriver, Junit and provided many tips on how to build a test automation framework with all the bells and whistles, including wait logic and more. He also prepared me for the interview for an Automated QA Engineer position. The classes are very organized and tailored to your needs. So if you don't know anything, or maybe know something and are looking to improve your skills in test automation, then he will setup the class structure according to your needs. The great thing about the class is has small groups just a one-on-one session and you get to ask all the questions and you have his full attention, which is great!!! They explains everything in detail and you get to work on a project with them. I strongly recommend their courses for anyone looking to learn automation testing from scratch or improve their skills. It is also very affordable compared to other test automation courses in the area. Excellent teaching skills. covered all parts of the course in a concise manner. very nicely presented PPT slides for quick refresher guide In class demos are the highlights of the classes. People should enroll to get trained on all the latest testing techniques
Scott (Previous Student)

It was the best 6 weeks I have spent in my spare time! Even though I have a computer science background, it was hard for me to start looking things online and brushing my skills on my own. We have started learning with baby steps from downloading/configuring Eclipse and writing a "Hello World!" Project in Java language. Instructors are super patient, intelligent professionals and well versatile in their domain. In 6 weeks, we have not only covered Java OOP language, but also JUnit, TestNg, Maven, gitHub, UNIX, CSS, Xpath, Selenium IDE, RC, Web Driver tools. Classes are only limited to 8 people and there is an option to join the course in person or online. Weekly 20 hours in 6 weeks period, you get to know great people and learn more by helping each other. I have gained great knowledge and would recommend everybody who is planning improve automation test engineer skills.

Hired SQA Solution to augment our team and test our beta release for mission critical banking applications. SQA Solution had local resources , who were able to articulate the issues and drive them to resolutions. We are very happy and still using them anytime we need to augment our current testing team.
Leon, Director of QA Union Bank

This class is ideal for people who do not want to spend 2-3 years taking classes at college or university. Class schedule is very convenient for those who work regular day hours. What's great about this program is that it's very straight-forward, you won't be spending time learning something you'll never use at work. During the 6 week course you'll get the basics of the specific set of tools and programs needed to become a QA automation engineer, but be ready to spend a significant amount of time working on homework. The staff at SQA Solutions is very friendly and always helpful. My teacher was Jean Francois Nepton, who is very knowledgeable and has a great personality. He will answer all your questions without being judgmental. At the end of the class you'll be prepared to go through job interviews, which is amazing considering no other school does that! I know a lot of people who got job offers right away after completing this course.
Kathryne (Previous Student)

Great team of young , smart and motivated testers helped us to release our mobile apps to both Google Play and App Store. So far only 5 star reviews! Quality Geeks!
David Slovack, PM Software Company

I haven't taken many trainings to compare this to, but what I can say for sure is that I finished the training, got a job that I love almost right away and know as much as many Senior Automation Engineers here...
Valerie QA Automation Engineer (Previous Student)


  • Save time by mitigating all negative effects before they reach your customers.
  • Get product faster-to-market by opting for strategic QA planning, expert QA consulting and top-notch testing services.
  • Save resources and reduce overhead with a dedicated SQA team and QA Project Manager.
  • Be competitive by releasing products on time, with assured quality, reliability, performance, and security.
  • Work directly with a personal QA project manager, who will lead your project through all stages.
  • Proactive and quick services – get the first results within just 24 hours after signing the contract.
  • Receive subsequent 24/7 top-notch support and QA consulting services.